“Brenda you’re wonderful. You push when pushing is needed and you are the calming voice when needed! You give strength and willpower to those who doubt themselves. Again, you are wonderful.”
– Aimee

“Her extensive knowledge of fitness and ease of suggesting alternate exercises that are effective when an injury has occurred. She is also always positive and makes everyone feel welcome.”
– Leanne

“Brenda is very in tune to what exercises I need to improve my fitness so my arthritis is less painful. She is gentle with me, but firm, and always works to get the best possible effort from me.”
– Nancy

“She is a fantastic motivator and pushes you to go further. An amazing person that is able to adapt to adapt to any clients needs. The facilities are amazing too. Outdoors or indoors – a great work out.”
– Candice

“Brenda has a unique capability of assessing one’s strengths and areas that need work in posture, muscle development, mobility, flexibility and overall fitness. She is curious about what the root causes are and is determined to find solutions that work for each unique situation. Brenda uses her education background to teach in a positive and supportive manner. I trust her.
– Ramona