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Testimonial – Stephen

When I first came to Brenda’s Fitness and Training, my physical condition was poor from too many years of desk work and a sedentary lifestyle. I needed to make significant and lasting changes to avoid a future of chronic illness and limited mobility. The question was: where do I start? My first session with Brenda involved a careful evaluation of my physical state and habits. She then prepared a plan of increasingly challenging exercises to build supportive strength and flexibility, targeting specific weaknesses in a progressive program that meticulously tracks my progress. Having never embarked on a fitness program before, I was hesitant about what to expect: At Brenda’s Fitness & Training I need not have worried. Brenda’s custom-made fitness program also comes with plenty of encouraging support and constant feedback. After nearly 4 months of training, not only has my overall physical condition begun to improve, but all aspects of my life have improved: better sleep, more energy, less physical discomfort, and becoming a role-model for my active kids!

Stephen age, 46