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2019 Goode Run

Brenda and Nicole leading the warm up for the 5 KM runners!
Photo Credit – Emily Dozois

On Saturday May 11, Nicole MacDonald (yoga instructor at Brenda’s Fitness) and I had the pleasure of volunteering at the 9th annual Goode Run in Osgoode. This run is a fundraiser for the Osgoode Youth Association run out of the OYA Centre right in Osgoode. Brenda’s Fitness was one of the sponsors for the event. We met many of the runners, walkers and puppies while we waited for the 2 km Family Walk Run to commence. Before the race, Nicole and I led the group of eager walk/runners in a fun warm up. Then off they went and we enjoyed cheering everyone out of the start area. An hour later, we led another warm up for the 5 km runners and cheered for them as they took off. It was a really fun event, extremely well organized and by the smiles on the faces of the runners and walkers, everyone had a great day! What a super fundraiser for the OYA Centre and opportunity for community participation. We look forward to volunteering next year!

Congratulations to all the runners and volunteers who took part in the
2019 Goode Run!
Photo Credit – Emily Dozois

Exciting News!

Brenda’s Fitness has a lot of new and exciting things happening!

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Mind Body is easy to use, just follow the link to the website and search for Brenda’s Fitness.

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