One on one training that focuses on your individual needs, be it rehabilitation or high end athletics. We will guide you to your optimal fitness goals through quantitative assessments and personalized workouts.

Contact Brenda directly via email to book your first session.

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  Training with a group provides a supportive empowering environment. Each class is held live and interactive on Zoom saving you time from travel and bringing the convenience of exercising in your own home.

Take part in group strength training utilizing a variety of circuit training modalities designed for all levels.

LifeStretch a low impact workout to strengthen and lengthen, as well as yoga classes for all levels!

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  Practicing yoga helps you build strength, flexibility, joint ease and balance while improving the endocrine system.

Classes such as Yin, Flow Yoga and the Nirvana Ultimate Body & Mind System, are all offered at Brenda’s Fitness. Each class has three main areas in common; they improve the way we breathe, an opportunity to practice asanas (postures) and the best part for many, relaxation.

These classes are currently held virtually.

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Brenda’s Fitness offers a large variety of educational workshops that focus on nutrition, fitness and mental wellbeing all year around.

Past workshops include: Core & Pelvic Floor with Lisa Flanders, KettleBell workshops presented by the Outlaw KettleBell Club, Meditation workshops and more.

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  Fascial Stretch Therapy is ideal for those who are experiencing tight muscles, chronic pain, stress or lack of flexibility. FST will help improve posture, mobility and help prevent injury. Feel younger and move with ease!

Book your first 1 hr session today by emailing Brenda at brenda@brendasfitness.com.

  Sound Healing is a gentle approach using the vibration and sound from tuning forks to help rebalance the energetic, electromagnetic physical and emotional body.

The client is fully clothed on a massage table in person or resting comfortably at home if it is a virtual session and the practitioner uses the tuning forks both on and around the body.

Biofield Tuning is based on a vibrational medicine view of health that enables Biofield Tuning practitioners to identify and work with both mind and memory through an interaction with a person’s biological field, or Biofield.

At Brenda’s Fitness we pride ourselves on being able to give people a different work-out experience, with one of the only outdoor training facilities in the area, we strive for individualized success. Get in touch to start your personalized fitness experience today.

Virtual Group Training Packages

$115 unlimited monthly sessions: Enjoy your virtual membership with live, interactive sessions including access to a full video library on demand. Classes such as Strength, TRX, Kettlebells, Yoga, LifeStretch and so much more are included with this package.

Single Session to a Live Interactive Class: $16

Save with Four Sessions to Live Interactive Classes: $60

Family Monthly Membership (up to 5 people per household): $140

Virtual Personal Training Packages

Personal Training:
$80 per session / $60 per session for seniors

Semi-Private Training:
$60 per person per session

Onsite Offering

Personal Training:
$85 per person per session / $75 per session for seniors

Semi-Private Training:
$65 per session

Fascial Stretch Therapy with Vibrational Sound:
1 1/2hr: $160 per session
1hr: $115 per session
1/2hr: $75 per session

Biofield Tuning/Sound Healing
– Also available virtually
1 1/2hr: $100 per session

Please download and complete the Brenda’s Fitness Client Intake Form before your first session.