My Passion for Powerlifting at 50

I never thought that powerlifting would be my choice of sport after playing team sports of hockey and soccer in the past couple of decades, but here I am loving every, well almost every, training session. After 2 MRI’s on my neck, and being told to play it safe and give up the sports and continue with moderate exercise, I quickly became bored without a goal. My friends, Shane Church and Shannon Larsen encouraged me to try powerlifting and I fugured at my age, if I take it slow this could be my new goal. Shane became my coach, planning my programs, weekly training sessions started and the learning began.

So, July 2014 I entered my first OPA powerlifting meet in Ottawa and was thrilled with how well I did compared to what I had been able to do in my training at home. My total was 548lbs as a Master 2. It was there that I saw this is very much an individual sport, I was only competing against myself, although I knew there were other women lifting in my age and weight category, we weren’t on the platform together. This focus on slow progression was the perfect sport for me!

This year I attended my second meet, June 13, 2015 in Toronto. This was a Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate (RPS) sanctioned meet and again, the calculated workouts prior to the competition and then seeing the fruits of my labour at the meet was beyond words! I was extatic with my results-570lbs total, I had improved as planned!

It’s not just the competition that is unbelievably fun, but the people, fellow lifters that cheer each other on, giving hi 5’s to the girls who lift before and after me! It’s a fantastic environment to learn, make new friends and feel a part of something.

Now I am training for another OPA meet in August and plan on attending another RPS meet in October in Kingston. Shane has me on a new 6 day program which is going very well. We cycle through squat, bench, deadlift, squat, bench, deadlift with accessories to target the major movers. I am feeling stronger than ever. Because I still have bouts with my cervical spine, we have learned to keep my volume low. Our training has looked like this:

Front Squat working up with 5 reps, 3, 2 then 3 singles slowly increasing again, accessories are quad dominant

Shoulder Saver Bench, accessories shoulders, chest and triceps

Deficit Conventional Deadlifts, accessories posterior chain, biceps, core

Safety Squat Bar Pause Squats, accessories quad dominant

Incline Bench, accessories chest, shoulders

Rack Pulls, accessories sumo deadlifts, back, glutes, core

Let’s see what the summer brings!

Check out the video below of my June 2015 Competition!

Brenda Banning RPS June 2015 EliteFTS