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Testimonial – Dianne

There came a point in my life when I had to get healthy in body, soul and mind and now it was time for the body. It was no coincidence that I met Brenda. She is on a beef farm and I am on a dairy farm, but most importantly I have fibromyalgia and Brenda knew exactly how she was going to help me get back into shape.

I weighed 118 lbs and I had more body fat than I did muscle and I was dehydrated. I did not have the muscle needed to support my skeletal structure. Due to fibromyalgia in 2009, I had weighed 175 lbs. I had managed to lose the weight so that was not my situation; toning, strengthening, stretching, mobility, endurance and tiredness were.

With fibromyalgia comes pain in my legs, arms, shoulder blades and shoulders. Brenda introduced me to “the stick”. I bought one and began to roll it on my legs to loosen the fascia. I had my husband roll my neck, shoulders, back and slowly my mobility was restored. The aches and pains I used to feel, I noticed were no longer there; in fact, if I didn’t exercise I stiffened up and the pain returned.

I lost 3 lbs of fat and now weigh 125 lbs-that’s 10 lbs of muscle gained. I look better and feel better. I have been challenged in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I thought those days were done. I had lived those days in high school and I was athletic then. When I look back at where I started and how I struggled with a 5 lb weight and to where I am now, I am so grateful that I met Brenda and trusted her with getting me back on track with a healthy body. As I struggled through some of the exercises that I didn’t like, I would hear Brenda say, “That’s OK, learn to love.”

Dianne, age 49